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Max Makhijani is a veteran salesman and successful entrepreneur who has a unique ability to communicate and relate with anyone.

His career in Sales and Marketing began 27 years ago in Upstate NY.  Upon completing his Bachelors in Engineering, a Masters in Operations Research and earning all the credentials for a Doctorate in Business Administration from a reputable University on the East Coast, Max Makhijani was hired as Regional Sales Manager, NY for a company specializing in products that catered to a variety of industry’s there.   His stellar sales ability was quickly on display and within a year, Management trusted him to take over sales responsibilities for the All-Important Western Region as “Western Regional Sales Manager”.  With exceptional people skills and a refined ability to close deals, he earned the distinction of being recognized as the firms Top Sales Producer several years in a row.

In 2014 he decided to start his own Sales Rep and Distribution Company, MaxP2C Systems, LLC where he continues to dominate.

With a very successful and rewarding career under his belt and a strong understanding of the sales dynamics, he is ready to give back to the community by helping individuals land their Dream Homes.   Along with his wife Aarti Makhijani who is already an established Realtor in the Bay Area and has a strong understanding of the Real Estate Market, Max now started “ArtiMax Realty”.

ArtiMax Realty is committed to their clients, ensuring partnership and guidance through every intricacy of the Real Estate Market and Home Buying Process.  They treat every transaction as though it were for their own family member and excel in building lasting relationships.  Their excellent negotiating skills can ensure their clients will get best-in-class service and most certainly the best possible value for money.

Any time you think about Real Estate the only name that should come to your mind should be the ArtiMax Realty Team.

Our Motto:     “We Live Up To Your Expectations and Always Exceed Our Own”